Donations & Payments
  • How much does it cost to play and what do I get?
    The fee for players is $ 42.00. Food and drinks will be provided throughout the day and all players get a custom jersey with their name, number, and team sponsor on them.

  • How much does it cost to come to the game if I don’t want to play?
    The fee for spectators is $ 27.00 for 21 and over. $ 12.00 for people ages 12-20, and children under 12 are free!

  • Is there a fee for paying through Paypal?
    Yes. Please add $ 2.00 to the cost of admission for any payment made through Paypal.

  • Why is there a fee for paying through Paypal?
    Paypal actually charges us for these transactions. We must pass this fee along to players and spectators to ensure that the charity gets the same amount of money from each admission.

  • Can I still donate if I am unable to attend the game?
    Absolutely! Donations are accepted any time through Paypal at email address:

  • Where do the donations go?
    The majority of the donations will go to kick start Johnny K’s Toys for Tots fundraiser, as they do every year. This year we will also be choosing another local Rochester charity to get a portion of the donations. See Home page for details.

  • When is money due for players and spectators?
    For 2021, payment deadline for players is June 5th. Payment deadline for spectators is July 1st. Payments MUST be made on or before this date in order for you to receive your admittance to the game as a player or spectator. NO exceptions.

Players & Teams
  • Can I choose what team I’m on?
    Sponsors are encouraged to form their own teams. A full list of team sponsors will be made available on the Sponsors Page. The full list will be up on or before June 1st. If you have no team affiliation by the payment deadline, you will be assigned to a team that has room for additional players.

  • Can I be on a team with my spouse/friend?
    Absolutely. You are encouraged to contact and work with team sponsors to arrange teams. Individuals and couples who are not affiliated with a team will be placed on teams where there is room.

  • How many people are on a team?
    The minimum number of people to form a team is 10 .

  • Can I have an all male/female team?
    Every team must have some women players.

  • What do I do if I don’t have a team?
    Check the list of team sponsors available on the Sponsors Page. Full list will be posted on or before June 1st. Choose a sponsor and contact them to see if there are still spots available on their team. If you wish to be assigned to a team, write “NONE” in the Team Sponsor field on the Player Form.

  • When do I get my jersey?
    Jerseys will be available from your team captain on game day. Please plan to arrive an hour early to get your jersey and meet with your team.

  • What are the rules of the game?
    Team captains will be given rule and info sheets on game day. It is your responsibility to arrive on game day an hour early to get your jersey and go over these with your team.

Game Day Info
  • Where is the game?
    The tournament is being held in Henrietta at Genesee Valley Park, Softball Fields 1, 2 & 3. Same fields as last year. Access to field is from Crittenden Road, between East River Road and West Henrietta Road.
    The approximate address of the park entrance, according to Google Maps, is 847-871 Crittenden Rd, Rochester, NY 14623.

  • When is the game?
    Game day is July 24th, 2021. Play begins at 11am.

  • When should players arrive?
    10am. Players should plan to arrive an hour early to get jerseys and meet with team captains.

  • What if the weather is bad that day?
    We will play in rain as long as the park will allow us and no lighting. If the game is canceled due to either of those reasons, we are unable to give refunds. There will not be a make up date.

  • How do I become a team sponsor?
    Fill out this form! Sponsorship From.

  • Is there a fee for sponsoring a team?
    Yes there is. Beth or Paulie will contact you with details after they have received your form.

  • Can I form my own team?
    Yes! All sponsors are encouraged to form their own teams.

  • Can I still be a sponsor if I do not want to be a team sponsor?
    You may fill out the form. Sponsorship From. Beth and Paulie will get back to you regarding your sponsorship offer.